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    Seasonal-Drunken Pumpkin-Spiced Rum & Bourbon

    Drunken Pumpkin™

    Great grandma’s pumpkin pie was a family favorite. Her secret: add a shot of bourbon. Now you too can experience a hint of the flavor we enjoyed with our Drunken Pumpkin seasonal tea. Seasonal spices like allspice, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon are some of the ingredients found in the spiced rum and spiced bourbon used to create this tea. The liquors are absorbed into pumpkin pieces and paired with traditional pumpkin pie spices for a flavor we all love. A season of sharing and togetherness begins when the aroma of spices fills the air!

    For more details about different types of teas and their benefits, visit our "Tea Overview" page.

    Net weight 3 oz., Makes up to 40 servings. 

    Our teas are crafted and packaged in the USA!

    Because we currently do not use organic or kosher spiced rum and bourbon we do not have this tea certified as organic or kosher.

    *Indicates organic ingredients: pumpkin pieces, *green rooibos, *honey bush, *cinnamon granules, *whole allspice, *whole cloves, *nutmeg, *ground cinnamon, *ground allspice, spiced rum, spiced bourbon,  *pumpkin flavoring (No alcohol content)



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