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    Oak Smoked Flake Salt

    Smoked Oak Flake Salt
    Smoked Oak Salt is a flavorful flake salt, produced in small batches. Salts like ours give more to a dish because they are carefully hand crafted, not mass produced in a commercial environment for the sake of cheapness with little concern for how they taste. There is a saying that one eats with their eyes before they eat with their mouths, meaning that presentation can be just as satisfying to your stomach as the actual food you are eating. This beautiful salt will certainly add an element of elegance to any meal you plate.

    Salt has a complex identity in the United States. Some people are on the team of giving salt full support, others cringe at the thought of any salt on their food at all. Salt can do a lot for your food if it is used correctly. On freshly prepared, unprocessed foods, a great salt can add a big amount of flavor.

    How is it Made?
    Flake salt is made when sea salt is pressed with a large heated roller. This heated roller compresses the crystals into an irregularly shaped flake; what we call "flake salt." Flake salt is smooth surfaced and plate-like, or "lamellose." These crystals have a large surface area, a low mass, and an excellent crunch to them.

    This salt is then smoked in a cold-smoking process using bark free, aromatic hardwood. This is a process where smoking takes place in a temperature range of 68 to 86 °F. Cold smoking is best described as flavoring with smoking wood and hot smoking is described as both flavoring and cooking with the use of smoking wood, for reference.

    The smoking process is simple. Wood pellets are burnt inside a smoking chamber to produce the cold smoke, and then the smoke wafts around the flake salt, which has been spread out on trays. The cold smoking process can take anywhere from 8 to 12 hours.

    Cooking with Smoked Oak Salt
    Smoked Oak Salt is a wonderfully strong, flavorful salt, so it is best used sparingly or as a finishing salt. If you do desire to cook with it, use it in seafood dishes or rice-based dishes. It is great on chicken and some strongly flavored cheese-based dishes.

    This salt can also act as a substitute for meat crumbles in some cases. This is a good trick for salads or pasta dishes, but don't add too much! It is easy to over salt a dish, and it is impossible to take the salt back out of the dish. Add small amounts at a time until the salt is at an appropriate level for what you like. Seasoning "to taste" is different for everyone, and this salt has the unique quality of being a good finishing salt, so it's great to keep a little at the table for anyone else eating with you to add it as they please.

    This would also be a nice finishing touch on chocolates, like a good caramel. Adding just a few flakes of this salt to a batch of these candies will make your salted caramel experience exponentially better. Add it to caprese for a healthier, more savory application. It is also very tasty as a topper for avocado toast!

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