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    Gourmet Peppercorn Mixer

    Gourmet Peppercorn Mixer
    By bringing the flavors of four varieties of peppercorn together in one blend, the people who choose our Gourmet Peppercorn Mixer get to experience the myriad world of peppercorns in one bite. Hand-blended in small batches in our facility from black, white, green, and pink peppercorns, our Gourmet Peppercorn Mixer is fruity and sweet, gently vegetal, piney and pleasantly bitter, with a clean, peppery burn. Black, white, and green peppercorns average about 2% volatile oil, while pink peppercorns have nearly 4% volatile oil by weight, so this blend is a palette of assertive flavors.

    Black, white, and green peppercorns are all berries from the same exact plant; the manner in which they are harvested and processed accounts for the color and flavor differences.

    • Black peppercorns are picked when the berries are not fully ripened, and then left in the sun to dry. This initiates oxidation, turning the berries wrinkly and black. Black pepper tastes citrusy and piney, with a pleasant peppery bite and a bitter finish.
    • White peppercorns are picked then the berries are fully ripe. They are then soaked to remove the outer hull, exposing the smooth white seed of the berry. White peppercorns have a more straightforward pine flavor and a clean burn that lingers.
    • Green peppercorns are harvested while still green and immature, boiled to stop oxidation, and dehydrated. They have a milder peppery heat and taste more vegetal and herbal than piney.
    • Pink peppercorns are the fruit of a Brazilian peppercorn tree and are not related to the other peppercorns. They taste fruity and sweet, with almost no heat. Please note: Pink Peppercorns are related to the cashew family and may cause reactions in those who are allergic to tree nuts.

    Tips From Our Kitchen
    To showcase the different characteristics of each peppercorn, we recommend using this as a finishing grind over most dishes. Top red snapper with a squeeze of fresh lemon and freshly-ground Gourmet Peppercorn Mixer. Mix into hummus for a peppery dip. Finish out-of-the-oven chicken wings with our Gourmet Peppercorn Mixer, and top eggs or avocado toast. Add to citrus vinaigrettes. Grind to a coarse grind and use as a rub for prime rib. Use a finer grind and mix into a crust for cherry pie or into a holiday batch of the classic German spice cookie, Pfeffernüsse.

    This blend is made from black peppercorns, white peppercorns, green peppercorns, and pink peppercorns.

    Please note: Pink Peppercorns are related to the cashew family and may cause reactions in those who are allergic to tree nuts.

    This Pepper comes with a grinder lid so nothing else is needed to grind fresh whole peppercorns on your next meal. Taste the difference whole peppercorns give to your next meal.

    Our exclusive line of USA Seasonings are ALL NATURAL and contain NO PRESERVATIVES . USA Seasonings custom blends are made in small batches by hand. All of our seasonings come with a freshness guarantee. Our seasonings are made right here in the USA .

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