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    Herbal Tea - Energy

    Energy is a great blend for mornings or afternoons to give you that clear, non-jittery pick-me-up during the days you need it most. This blend enhances stamina, lessens fatigue, and balances the body to use what energy it has more effectively.

    Yerba Mate and Green Tea blend with adaptogenic herbs that lessen the effects of stress on the nervous system, Energy cuts back on the adrenaline and takes us out of that fight or flight mode leaving us with more sustained energy for daily use.

    More energy thus allows your mind to think freely and calmly, improving memory, focus, and endurance. More than just a pick-me-up, the herbs in Energy help in improving your energy use, provide mental clarity, and balance your systems.

    Please note that this does contain low levels of caffeine, but because it is balanced with a host of other nutrients, it should not give you the jittery effect or make you crash.

    Ingredients: Ashwagandha Root, Astragalus Root, Eleuthero Root, Gingko Biloba Leaf, Gotu Kola, Green Tea Leaf, Reishi Mushroom, Schisandra Berry, Yerba Mate Leaf

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