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    Natural Bamboo Long Serving Board - 19.7"x7.9"

    Stylish dish serving is the key to its success, both in the professional HoReCa field and in the home kitchen. And in order to create gastronomic masterpieces, special bamboo serve ware come in handy. Moreover, it’s truly able to decorate the dish and give it an aesthetic look.
    Serving food on wooden serving boards are a fashion trend, and for those who like it, we offer a very stylish solution - bamboo boards with a handle, the production of the famous WILMAX, the English brand with a perfect reputation.
    Completely natural composition, safety and durability of such kitchen accessories make them not only fashionable but also very practical ones. It is definitely worth buying a professional dinnerware bamboo-made for your restaurant or cafe because the opinion of your customers depends both on the taste of the food you serve and on the beauty of serving. It is useful in the home kitchen also – for making a food presentation or for the quick cutting process.
    The bamboo board is a stylish accessory for serving main dishes, snack sets, desserts. Such a setting is a godsend for lovers of grilled dishes or sushi sets. It will equally decorate European or American cuisine, barbecue, snacks and Asian-style dishes.

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